Artificial Intelligent (AI) Ethics: What is right and What is wrong?

Artificial Intelligence have advance until the points it resembles us as a human. The main question is that do we need to teach them moral? and if so, why? Often, when we were a kid, our parents and teachers taught us morality in life like do not use swear words, be kinds to others, stealing are wrong and much more. This kind of moral conduct is a necessities to ensure we are living in a more ethical manner. Hence, as AI mimic humans, AI should be able to learn morals.

My thoughts on AI ethics:

rtificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer programmed in a machine that have potential to emulate and mimic human intelligence. For example, making decision, recognizing various images, making predictions etc. While ethics or moral philosophy is regarding the discipline of identifying what is morally right and what is wrong. In other words, AI ethics is the concern of ethical issue in utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve problems or to simply improves one’s solutions.

Jacky Tuck, an American Journalist said in his TED talk “Artificial Intelligence: It will kill us” that “AI is already surpass our intelligence because it is more accurate and faster”.

It is no doubt that the world that we are living now is compromise of AI technology. Such as, voice and face recognition in our smartphones, recommendation on Netflix and YouTube, and prediction of stock market. From my perspectives, I believe if a particular agent like AI is interfering or meddle without permission in our daily basis activities, it should be taken into a serious matter and ought to follow the correct moral compasses.

For example, if education institution is using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to do student profiling (refers to a method to profile students’ information into a statistical graph or summary for every lecturers and staff to recognize their students), the University should obey on considering what data points should be taken and what should be left as it is matter of privacy.

In my opinion, to develop an AI it requires three element which is matter, method, and manner. Matter refers to what content is fed into the AI and is it ethical to add such data to it, method is about the mechanism on developing the AI and how will the AI works, lastly is about the manner which concern about the AI reactions or outcome of the particular AI. For me, it is vital to question this element before developing because I think this element can make AI better if its ethically done. If not, the aftermath will likely create many negative ethical issues of Artificial Intelligence. One of the main ethical problem in AI technology is human rights, moral ethics, environmental ethics, and prejudice ethics. It said that stability of mankind and society depends on the moral systems or ethical system. Due to this moral conduct that human follow, we became more civilized, tolerable, and respect towards our circles.

Personally speaking, if we want to keep Artificial Intelligence with us, we need to start creating set of policy and rules that is concern about morals. With that AI will simulate human intelligence and give the outcome on a more ethical manner. However, it is true that moral code does not apply even to all humans because we can see many corruptions still happening on the face of earth. But my opinion is that, if we can create a set of moral conduct that can be obligated to AI, that will eventually be distinct or making AI unique on it owns compared to human. If this happens, AI will be intervening human in only making positive actions and better outcome for our life. All things considered, this could potentially create a new revolution in the future.

Perhaps the next Industry revolutions IR 5.0, will be about morals and technology.

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